Frequently asked questions

Biking Tours

Can I bring my own bicycle ?

Yes you can use your own bicycle, to reserve the spot on the trailer, you will need to select this option when making resevation.

Can I use my own route?

The short answer is yes. If you are familiar with the region you can design your own route. Please make a note when you are reserving a trip and talk to the tour guide.

What Should I bring?

Warm Wearther Accessories: Insect Repellent Sun Block Active Hat

Do I need special shoes for cycling?

Any type of comfortable sneakers or hiking shoes are the best type of footware.

Can I wear sandals or flip flops?

Cycling in any open toe footware is extremely dangerous. You can bring them to the trip, but they are not allowed while riding a bicyle.

Do I need to wear a helment?

Every rider needs to wear helment during a ride.

What is rail-trail?

Closed to motor vehicles, rail-trail is easy to follow multi-use path is usually covered with crushed stones and packed gravel. Enjoyed by cyclists, long distance runners, hikers, dog walker and sometimes equistarians in the summer and snowshowers and cross skiers in the winter.


It is possible to make stop at hotel or street address?

Elation Tours will pick up groups over 4 guests at your requested location.

Is it possible to make a drop off at different location?

We make our tours as convenient and accomodating to all our guests, please make a note reserving a trip and talk to the tour guide.

What type of transportation used on your tours?


Cancellation & Rescheduling

What is you cancelation and resheduling policy?

We understand that sometimes you need to schedule your trip, we reserve a seat and equirment specifically for you. We request at least 24 hour notice for cancellations or rescheduling of your trip.

General FAQ

What if I am running late?

Parking at trail head is limited, the we must leave on time to have a parking for a van with a trailer. We have the phone number provided to you at the time of booking. Please call or text us. The guide will call you if they can’t locate you 10 minutes before departure.

What should I wear?

Please look at the weather forecast for the day you are traveling. For any trip wear layers so that you can shed them if you are hot or bundle up if you are cold. You can safely leave a bag in the vehicle. Going on hiking tours -- it can get a little cooler in the mountains, and after a hike you might want to change some closing. Comfortable hiking shoes or sneakers with good tread. In the winter warm jackets, hats and thermal base layers are needed for every tours.

What if the weather is really bad?

Safety of our guests is our top priority, we monitor at least 3 separate weather sources, if determine that weather too dangerous to travel or trip location will have a bad weather, we will notify you the night before of any cancelations or changes.

Whould I bring a water to the trip?

It is imporatant for your overall safety at any trip being hydrated and comforable, fluids are constantly being depleted no matter how high or low the temperature is. If you have reusable water bottles, please them with you, we do refills before the trip. On hiking trips a person will needs 1-2 liters. We will supply you with water on bicycle trips.