Day Biking - Lehigh Gorge Trail

Complete package starts at $140

General Description:

Lehigh Gorge Trail is one of the best and popular trails in the region, it is an easy and flat trail that follows Lehigh River. This trail has 3 bicycle route options, so you can pedal as fast or as slow as you like -- stop for pictures, have a picnic by the river, enjoy pleasant views, waterfalls, or rock formations. You don't need to worry about a schedule, you choose a point where you want to end the trip.

Sample Trip Day:

The trip leader will pick up guests at the designated location in NYC, provide a trip handbook and drive to Jim Thorpe bicycle trailhead. The trip leader will distribute and custom fit bicycles and will provide the route overview and safety instructions. Guests will ride at their own pace, stopping at points of interest or for a rest. A trip leader will follow the group with a van and will make stops at the places where the bicycle trail crosses the parking lot or a road. A trip leader will offer snacks, water, a place to rest, fix any minor bicycle issues or pick up anyone who has finished riding, or assist any other way.

Bicycle Selection:


There three options available for the trip:

  • Rent a Standart bicycle from Elation Tours at no extra charge.

  • Rent an Electric bicycle from Elation Tours for $35

  • Bring your own bicycle.


  • Age: 14+

  • Level: Easy to Moderate

  • Trip Length: 15 mi, 25 mi, or 35 mi

  • Terrain: Flat or small grade

  • Surface: Packed gravel, crushed stone


  • Round trip from New York City

  • Van support - stops at resting place, carries food, luggage

  • Comfort Bike (Electric Bike is available)

  • Snacks and Beverages


  • W 37th Street, and 9th Ave

  • Departure Time: 7:45 am

  • Return Time: 5:35 pm − 6:00 pm


  • Lightweight and light colored clothing

  • Windproof Jacket

  • Hiking/Sport Pants

  • Pair of comfortable walking shoes/sneakers

  • Hat 


  • Preferably to bring your own helmet

  • Fingerless gloves provide extra comfort

  • Sunglasses

  • Bug Spray

  • Sun Screen